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Elizabeth  something about myself.
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March 20

Met this fancy lad at the airport. He says he didn't fly himself but I don't believe it. #paris #parttwo

March 19

These beautiful girls left me love notes on my luggage. I love you @shootstraight @raps @drea. #jetaime

March 18

Full English breakfast, best cure for a hangover.

March 17


March 16

TEACUPS IN PARIS #disneyland #ohmygod

March 15

It's happening. It's happening. It's happening. #itshappening

March 14

I will never get used to this sight. Je t'aime Paris.

March 13

Room service 😍 😍

March 12

I really underdressed for this occasion #maxiswearingadress

March 12

This pretty young thing. 😍

March 12

Early morning drives are rough. #onourwaytoParis

March 11

Going to miss this face while I'm gone. #sweetboy