1st january, 2016
That street looks awfully far down from here.

Beth stood at the top of The W Hotel, shivering, the cold morning air whipping through the thin purple silk pajamas she had been wearing. She had not expected to stay past New Years Eve at the hotel, so she hadn't packed much. But things changed, so it would have either been a dress or pajamas, and barefoot. She had, at one point, pontificated that it would have looked at least a bit better for someone to find her dead body in the street in a fancy dress, rather than pajamas. However, she opted for comfort.


That morning found her waking up, fresh from a dream that told her more than what she could have asked to know. It had made her heart flutter, though she couldn't exactly tell anyone about it just yet... but still, it was a relief from the usual nightmares about suffocating and dying. This dream had been far more pleasant, but her waking heart knew that it meant bringing on more heartache as well. In all honesty, she knew that either way she went, it would mean a hard choice and a broken heart. As she remained laying in bed, curled up under the warm covers, replaying the dream's events in her head, something floating from her bedside, above her head, and across the bed caught her attention. The moment her eyes moved, the alarm clock plopped down to the foot of her bed by her feet. She lay still, processing what had just happened. Something similar, albeit more violent, had happened a time before...

She sat up and raised her hands a bit, just in front of her body, and the blanket moved away from her. She held her left hand out, her phone lifting up from the nightstand and finding its way to her palm. She tapped out a message, releasing the phone to float idly in the air. Her smile spread--this morning was starting out far more positive than she'd had in several weeks...well, sort of. She felt a pain in her head pulsate through her brain--she'd have to address that hangover a bit later. She rolled out of bed, her phone softly landing on the sheets below, and she moved quickly to brush her teeth as she made coffee. She had a big day ahead of her.

She'd had a successful sneak out of the hotel room, so as to not wake up her (possibly still drunk) overnight guest, though she'd left some coffee. An impatient ride up the elevator gave her time to rethink what she was doing, and where she was going. She considered not leaving her cell phone in the hotel room, but maybe it was better that way. She couldn't be interrupted by a text message, or intercept herself by calling someone at last second. I'm doing this, she reassured herself, the elevator bell ringing as she reached the topmost level. A quick jaunt up the final set of stairs, her bare feet padding against the cold concrete, and soon she found herself opening the heavy metal door for access to the roof, cold air immediately smacking her in the face. For a second, she felt as if she might have come to her senses, but she quickly shut the door behind her before she could change her mind. Shivering, she made her way toward the east corner of the building, to the very edge of the corner, and then slowly, carefully climbed over the guard rail. (She was about to jump off of a 26-story hotel building. Why be so careful? She chuckled at herself.)

That street looks awfully far down from here.

A shiver was sent up her spine, her hands gripping the cold metal railing that was now behind her. If this didn't work, she would have found herself one with the pavement in purple silk pajamas, with her friends and (what remained of) family wondering what had sent her completely nutters enough to jump off the top of a high-rise hotel. Some would've passed it off as what would've appeared to have been a downward spiral of her personal and professional life--dead parents, estranged brothers, failed business, failed marriage, deathly nightmares... It wasn't anything like that at all. It wasn't even anything bad. She just...wanted to fly. With a sharp inhale, she let go of the railing behind her, her bare feet teetering on the very edge of the building. Now's the time to change your mind.

"Fuck it." (She secretly wished someone had heard her, in case those were her last words.) She closed her eyes and let herself fall forward, the rush of cold air whipping her hair out of her face as she fell. She could feel her heart in her throat as she felt weightless, watching the ground hurtle toward her at an alarming speed. You can do this. You can do this. She balled up her fists, gathering up the inner strength to brace for what could either be wild success or terrifying impact... and just as she approached the pavement below, she let out an animalistic yell, wrenching her eyes shut and pushing her power outward with as much strength and force as she possibly could.

She felt her body come to a screeching halt, feeling her power pulsating throughout, before she quickly lost focus. She felt her body drop again--though, three feet from the ground was far less detrimental to her than over three hundred feet--and she landed directly on her face, the cold pavement scraping her chin. She let out a groan, pushing herself up to her feet, looking up to find a few people stopped on the sidewalk, staring at her. She let out a little chuckle, her eyes darting from one person to the next. "Hangovers, yeah?" she said casually, her heart still racing up through her throat, her voice higher than usual. Without hesitation, she turned on her heel and made her way toward the door of the hotel lobby, looking forward to sharing the good news with...well, someone.